Commercial Plumbing Services

For most builders and developers, new construction and remodels begin as a fun task, including plan decisions with themed stylistic outlines. In any case, when the parts begin to arrive and it’s the ideal opportunity for installation, things can rapidly go south without the correct plumbing company to help. Vancouver City Plumbing can help you take your ideas for your dream construction plans and turn them into a reality.


With plumbing remodeling projects, you get the chance to choose new installations for you kitchen and bathroom that compliment your cupboards, lighting, and other structures. Vancouver City Plumbing can help you take your ideas for your dream remodel and turn them into a reality.

New Construction

Vancouver City Plumbing offers a large variety of new construction plumbing services. We’re committed to providing the best quality and service in the surrounding area. Our plumbing experts have the experience to handle small new construction projects for homeowners or the entire plumbing installation for your new home.

Gas Leaks and Repairs

Gas lines are an important part of your home, office or store front: gas powers your stoves, fireplace, water heater, BBQ and other appliances in and around the property that keep everyone comfortable, warm, well fed and dry. When you need gas repairs, the right licensed professional can mean the difference between a reliable and efficient system for months and years to come. Vancouver City Plumbing will reduce and stop repeated calls to the gas repair service and will inspect and check your gas lines on an annual basis if requested.

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