COVID-19 Safety Procedures

For the Province of BC — and around the world — the last several months have been a challenging time. We are proud to be one of Vancouver’s most trusted plumbing companies – we have been working hard to ensure that we do not spread COVID-19 when working in your home. Additionally, we are considered an “essential business” so we will be open for business as usual.

We wanted to share what steps we’ve taken to ensure your safety, the community’s safety, and the safety of our service staff.

  • We’re keeping people home if they’re sick, period.
  • We will stand 6′ away from you, and we ask you stand 6′ away from us as well.
  • Our plumbers wear masks and protective eyewear. This stops touching their eyes, nose, mouths during services (known pathways of transmission) and until their hands are thoroughly sanitized.
  • We’re taking extra hygiene steps:  we’re sanitizing our hands before we enter your home, we’re wearing gloves throughout the service process, and taking additional disinfecting steps for critical entry and exit points for your home.

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