Water Heaters Replacement and Repairs

Choosing the best and most efficient water heater for your home requires a plumbing professional who knows the BC codes and can assure the job is done right. We guarantee to exceed your expectations and save you money, energy, and get you hot water faster and longer. The experience and insight of our seasoned and licensed professionals will guarantee your project goes smoothly. At Vancouver City Plumbing we have many years of experience repairing and installing water heaters, so we are familiar with the provincial plumbing codes, and find the option that’s best for your home.

Pros of Conventional Storage Tank Water Heaters

  • Storage tank water heaters cost a lot less than a tankless water heater on the initial investment.
  • The operation is a lot simpler which can mean less repair and maintenance calls during its lifespan.
  • Their simplicity makes for easy, low-cost repairs when the water heater isn’t functioning properly. Tankless water heaters are more  complex to repair and can be more expensive.
  • Replacement tanks will be cheaper than a tankless water heater. They will need to be replaced more often but are less expensive.

Cons of Conventional Storage Tank Water Heaters

  • Higher monthly utility bill. 30 to 80 gallons of water based on the size of your storage tank needs to be heated and stored at all times.
  • Conventional water heaters typically take up a lot more space. Unlike tankless water heaters, conventional water heaters must be stored in your home.
  • Storage tanks have a shorter useful life (about ½ the life of on-demand water heaters), typically 10 to 15 years, you may need to buy and install them almost twice as often as tankless water heaters.
  • Hot water runs out faster meaning you don’t want to be the last family member taking a shower. The supply of hot water on demand will take time to heat back up once the tank is depleted.

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